Google hit with $57M Penalty by French Regulators (or, “Be Here So You Don’t Get Fined”)

So… This happened.

No surprise, really. It takes a while for a Beast to discover the full extent of its superpowers and then to bring them to bear on Evil (guys, you said you wouldn’t be evil, what happened?). But now that several months have passed and at least companies that are paying attention and are of good will are GDPR-friendly, if not GDPR-ready, the regulators are starting to flex their muscles in a serious way. Now we can wait for the screaming…

Seriously. Companies, you gotta do this. Otherwise you will start getting fined in a more serious way. Even if your primary motive is summed up in the Mantra of Marshawn Lynch, get serious, or get fined.

I’m waiting for the first time the “4% of global annual gross revenues” penalty is applied to a company that’s truly playing fast and loose with privacy. (My money’s on Uber.) Regulators have the equivalent of the death penalty at their disposal, and they’re gonna use it, you know they will, to make an example for the others.

Be here… or get fined. To death, maybe.

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