Origins of Data Virtualization: Composite Software Veteran Gives First-Hand Account

This blog isn’t going to be all-data virtualization, all the time, I promise– but I did want to give a shout-out to a good review of the origins of the product space of “data virtualization” as well as the term, from a true class act and industry veteran, Bob Eve, currently at Cisco (which acquired pioneer Composite Software back in 2013). Bob literally wrote the book on data virtualization¬†and had a hand in carving out a market that will only grow in importance in years to come.

Data Virtualization: Going Beyond Traditional Data Integration to Achieve Business Agility, the first book ever written on the topic of data virtualization, introduces the technology that enables data virtualization and presents ten real-world case studies that demonstrate the significant value and tangible business agility benefits that can be achieved through the implementation of data virtualization solutions.

This first chapter describes the book and introduces the relationship between data virtualization and business agility. The second chapter is a more thorough exploration of data virtualization technology. Topics include what is data virtualization, why use it, how it works and how enterprises typically adopt it. The third chapter addresses the many ways that data virtualization improves business agility, with particular focus on the three elements of business agility business decision agility, time-to-solution agility and resource agility.

The core of the book is a rich set of in-depth data virtualization case studies that describe how ten enterprises across a wide range of industries and domains have successfully adopted data virtualization to increase their business agility. The ten enterprises profiled are customers of Composite Software, Inc., a data virtualization software vendor.

The Composite team accomplished a lot and continue to innovate within Cisco. As more players enter the space, they continue to be the team to beat.

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